America: learn how to price your products!


One of the things that were confusing to me straight away as I arrived were prices. I land and go to the store to get a bottle of water, which lets say its written costs 99 cents. So I give one dollar to the cashier and I’m told I need to give more money. I didn’t even bother to ask, I was tired and I wanted to take a nap more than anything.

burnsNext time I went shopping I learned that in America stores quote prices without sales tax, so it is practically impossible to know how much anything is going to cost you until you get to the register. Which makes no sense to me and all it really does is fill up my wallet with coins and confuses the hell out of me.

The lovely thing about the states is that gas costs are low, very low. First time I went to fill up I thought the meter was broken. Now whenever I fill up I think about illegally transporting fuel to UK and laugh maniacally while striking mr. Burns pose.

The last thing I would like to touch upon money wise are tips. What’s with all the tips? You have to tip everyone, everywhere, and you never know how much is proper to give. I suppose I will eventually get better in math having to calculate tax and tips every single day to know how much I am about to spend. I just have to figure out if every person living here is a math genius, or perhaps they have memorized real prices of all products they buy.

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One Comment on “America: learn how to price your products!

  1. Sales tax in US is determined on a very local basis. A chain store has no dilemma here; to inflate the advertised price of the product to match the actual price plus the (wildly) varying local sales tax would be a good way to go out of business. Showing the lower price, while blatantly false in your estimation, is the best way to coax customers into buying their wares. Doing otherwise could lead to losing sales to that wanker of a competitor across the street in the next zip code with cheaper sales tax.

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