Food on the 41st


I was originally planing to make a post about differences in food, quality, marking of the food and so on but…

I am more blown away by all the different kinds of cuisine in a single city. I am not here very long time and I have already met people who moved here from all over the world. I have already seen Greek restaurants, Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Polish, Korean, Pakistani, Indian, Mexican, French and many more. While I have not eaten on all those places I was guided to what was described to me as one of the best steakhouses in town and I have to say, I am definitely going back there again.

So far I didn’t find an American beer that matches my desires but the quest continues, and fear not my dear readers for I will try every last one of them. Most probably multiple times.

Now onto junk food. There is a huge choice of cheap snacks everywhere, I am actually surprised how people stay so slim when spying onto what things they are buying in the stores. Couple of days ago I literally saw a grown man buying all kinds of Doritos, Chips, Pretzels, Zoots, Ding Dongs, Ho Ho’s, Peanutbutter bars, rolo’s, m and m’s. Oh and lots of juice, probably just to be able to wash down all of that sugar, with liquid sugar.

The important thing is that there is wide range of choices here which is amazing, and people can buy whatever their heart desire. Lets just hope their hearts can handle it.

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One Comment on “Food on the 41st

  1. My good sir, if you haven’t you have to visit Chicago Cut Steakhouse at 300 N. LaSalle St., River North. That place is the bomb. Best meal I ever had.

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