Broken Bones


So couple of weeks ago I got hit by a crazy taxi driver who decided to just keep going afterwards. That was the worst lunch break I’ve ever taken. Several things happened that I noticed later.

First of all, no one tried to assist me or help me move so I wouldn’t block the road. Like what the hell is with that? Since I arrived I learned people are suing each other in this country for absolutely everything but I mean come on. Who would sue a guy for helping you limp couple of feet so you can sit down and wait for medical assistance? Its just plain weird.

The paramedics arrived pretty quickly and placed me nice and cozy in back of their van, checked everything and asked questions. When I’m recalling it now it feels as if it was a movie. That could be just because of all the stuff doctors ended up pumping me with… when I finally got my turn. The hospital in Chicago was crowded, there were so many hurt people ahead of me that I had to wait in line as if I was waiting for concert tickets. Doctors and nurses were running everywhere, people moaning, it seemed as if there some huge accident.

Anyway they did patch me up and I did get a bed to rest on, eventually. The most horrifying thing happenedĀ  afterwards though, I shall remember it for the rest of my life. The hospital bill.

There’s a great chance it would have been cheaper to fly me to UK, patch me up, fly me back here and save some money.

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One Comment on “Broken Bones

  1. American Medical System is terrible. Considering my personal experience and the stories you can read all over the news you actually passed quite well. I wish you a speedy recovery!

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