As with every relocation the first and most important thing to do is find a new home.

The company I work for provided me with a temporary location for a month until I locate a great apartment. Problem being, I am new in the city and I’ve no idea where I am at any point in time or which way I am suppose to go. I’ve located couple of interesting apartments with not too shabby of a price and went to a search through this jungle of a town, all I can say is thank god for google maps.

What I’ve noticed here is that people are always in an insane rush, as if something was on fire. I don’t just mean people walking fast as hell on the street and acting all nervous and jumpy. As I arrived to the first apartment I was interested in I was welcomed by a furious lady who was very upset that I was 5 minutes late, while I was honestly happy I found it at all. Anyway she began promoting the place right away and speaking very quickly, nearly running from room to room, so I asked if she could slow down a bit so I could “absorb” the place. The answer was no and I got practically thrown out of place because new potential customers were coming. Who could decide if they would want to live in a place for several years by given only couple of minutes to look at it?

In any case over the next couple of weeks I have slowly gotten introduced with the city streets and even found a new cozy flat not too far from work. It was more expensive then I hoped for but location and comfort are on first place for me. Perhaps the big selling point was that the gentleman offering the place ended his promotion with “Take as long as you like to look around.”.

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  1. Welcome to the states George. Life in big cities moves very fast, it can be stressful at times but I’m sure you’ll get used to it.

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