Ah the wonders of technology. Since I arrived here I noticed one crucial thing. It is impossible for me to be outside and not see someone on the smartphone. What is up with that? Its like everyone is addicted to staying in contact and tweeting every single thing they see. “lol, i just saw a bird!”

On to the television, everyone seems to have a cinema size TV’s in their living room, when its turned on I feel like I should walk into another apartment so I could see all of the content being shown at once. Everything is really big in America I’ll give you that. Not only cars, roads, buildings but people too. Just the other day I got called a skinny British **** by a lady so overweight she have to drive around in a little car designed for disabled people… I am currently overweight by the UK standards.

pills The commercials here are rather strange too. They advertise all kind of drugs and recommend you go get them right away from the nearest pharmacy. Since when commercials know what kind of medicine is good for you, and what kind of medicine should you mix? People are swallowing antidepressants like tic tacs, tweeting, calling, always in rush and always under surveillance. What the hell, there’s like 7 cameras pointed at me at any given time of the day. And the weirdest things are those flying little quadrotors. Living here sometimes feels like being part of a setup for a futuristic movie.

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One Comment on “Addiction

  1. damn bro, if this things surprise you it will take you a while to get used on living here
    but yeah, we do like all kinds of big stuff. welcome to murica

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